Mark's Toy Chest

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M055 - M057 - M059

Bring the kids and look through the hundreds of new and gently used toys, stuffed animals, action figures, and more! Find brand names such as Barbie, Star Wars, LEGO, Disney, Marvel, and WWE.

The Bookman

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 550 - 557

Find great deals on the biggest bookstore in the market! The many aisles of books include all genres, such as Classics, Fantasy, True Crime, Children's, whole series, hard to find and SO much more. There's something for all ages to enjoy!

Will's Place & Music Box

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 730 - 740

Be sure to stop by and browse the many booths full of large - small pieces of new and used furniture, seasonal, collectible, vintage items, and more! Across the aisle, you can find records and other music-related items!

Sparrow Inspirations

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 741 - 747

Christian items sold here! Shop hand-painted, decorative stars and a variety of other items including, Bibles and cases, sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry, purses, t-shirts, hats, and more.

Caesar Creek Optical

Main Aisle  |  Booth #: M086

In need of a new pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses? Call or stop in this weekend and visit the licensed Optician and get your appointment set up today! Please call 937-307-7306. Also, browse the many styles of glasses on display.

Bonnie & Clyde

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M056 - M058

This unique western shop sells high-quality, handmade jewelry - turquoise and silver rings, earrings, and necklaces. Also find handmade, high-quality leather goods - leather gun and knife holsters, adult and kids size belts, wallets, and more!

Tiffany Corp.

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 517 - 519

Car hobbyists are bound to spend some quality time looking through the many boxes of collector die-cast cars, specialty model cars and kits! You can also find a variety of NFL and College team merchandise including mugs, travel mugs, koozies, and more!

J & L Games and Toys

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 547 - 549

Looking for a specific game system or just missing a few game pieces? You're covered! Look through the variety of new and used games, systems, new releases, packaged parts and pieces, collectible items, and more! Find them on Facebook @jlgamesandtoys

Ray's Place

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M016 - M021

Browse the variety of collectible die-cast cars, vintage model car and airplane kits, hunting bows and crossbows, fishing poles, vintage records, and more!

Loui's Canopies

Aisle 1  |  Booth #'s: 105 - 107 - 109 - 111

Need help finding that missing part for a project you're trying to finish? Look no further! Shop the many aisles full of tools, hardware, ropes, flashlights, and much more this weekend!

Aisle 1 | Booth #'s: 102 - 104

Get great deals on new and gently used collectible figurines, sports memorabilia, and find brands like NFL, NBL, AEW, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Funko Pop, plus more!

Dunn w/ Hart

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 210 - 212 & 211 - 213

Shop the variety of handcrafted diamond paintings, gently used toys and games, collectibles, holiday and everyday home décor items, and more.

Rick's Collectibles

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M041 - M043

Treasure hunt through the many unique and rare rocks, minerals, crystals, arrowheads and even find vintage and antique collectibles that can only be found here!

Outdoor Lot

If your only shopping inside you are missing out on more vendors which means your missing out on more deals! Visit our outdoor lot this weekend for treasures big and small.

The Donut Shop

Aisle 1  |  Booth #: 131

Take a break from shopping and grab a donut, a piece of fudge, or try some freshly roasted nuts with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate - all at affordable prices! Take them with you or have a seat in their seating area across the aisle.

The Mystery Shop

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 702 - 704

See what unique items you can find this weekend! Shop collectible and vintage toys, board games, plus other home and seasonal décor items.

C & D Wax Works

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 713 - 719

Indulge yourself in the many unique scents of homemade wax tarts, specialty candle pies, cakes, and cupcakes. Also, check out their variety of wax burners, collectibles, and antique items! Check them out on Facebook @C&D Wax Works

Aisle 3 | Booth #'s: 355 - 357

This booth is full of collectibles and second-hand items! Shop Porcelain dolls, party and scrapbook supplies, glassware sets, and other misc items.

Ohio Wholesale Liquidators | Aisle 6

Bargains, Bins & Pallet Merchandise! For week to week updates on merchandise and special deals on items, check out their Facebook page!

Zombie Outpost

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M013 - M015

Before your next camping or hunting trip, check this booth for camping supplies, emergency prep supplies, pocket knives, handled weapons, military backpacks, self-defense items, and more! Check out their website at: sites.google.com/site/zombieoutpoststore/


Aisle 4  |  Booth #: 433

Handmade and personalized glass and wood etched designs on a variety of objects, dreamcatchers, and more. Shop mini glass flower pots, drinking glasses, vases, and shot glasses. Place a custom order or purchase something on display!

Dip Hippie

Main Aisle  |  Booth #: M084

Try something new this weekend! Check out these homemade drink mixes, and other goodies like seasonings and dip mixes! Also check out their all-natural homemade soaps, laundry soap, bar soaps, bug repellent, lip balm, and more! Follow them on Facebook @diphippie

SKM Creations

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M113 - M115

Personalized gifts sold here! Shop the many items with custom sayings and graphics that would make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, special events or for everyday use. New designs each weekend! Also, find other misc. items. Check them out on Facebook @SKMCreationsForYou

Main Aisle | Booth #'s: M099 - M101

Get your Father's Day Gift here! Shop the variety of metal advertising signs/posters, and motorcycle memorabilia perfect for the garage or man cave.

Aisle 2 | Booth #'s: 245 - 249 & 252 - 254

This booth is full of antiques, collectibles, painted window panes, wood furniture and shelves, other home décor items, tool kits, and more!

Campfire Grill & Grub | Aisle 5

Grab lunch from Campfire Grill & Grub this weekend! The best Phillies and smoked meat around! Previously the purple food truck out front.

Lynn's Suggie Shop

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M089 - M090

One-stop Sugar Glider shop! Have a sugar glider or interested in adopting one? This booth not only carries everything you'll need to provide for your pet but is also passionate and informative. Shop food, treats, toys, homes, carrying bags, accessories, and more. Also, check out their Tupperware for sale!

Aisle 7 | Booth #: 720

Here you can find gently used items, and odds and ends listed at fair prices! Find glassware, home décor, toys, kitchenware items, and more!

JJ’s Creations

Aisle 4  |  Booth #: 443

Stop by this shabby-chic booth for a variety of affordable seasonal décor, primitive and farmhouse items, jewelry, candles, tart melts/warmers, and more! Find them on Facebook @JJ's Creations

Triple J's Comics and Collectibles

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 539 - 541

Look through the variety of collectibles including thousands of comic books, Pokémon cards (and other card games), Marvel, DC, Funko Pop, Transformers, and much more!

S & S ReSell

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 500 - 512

Discover deals on new and used merchandise including home and kitchen items, electronics, toys, shoes, and more. Great prices and new items each weekend!

Aisle 3 | Booth #'s: 334 - 336

Browse the large furniture pieces available here! Also, find home décor items, light fixtures, and other misc items!

Mac's Place

Aisle 4  |  Booth #'s: 437 - 441

Shop handcrafted one-of-a-kind wooden wall hangings, napkin holders, artwork, indoor/outdoor flags, and more, all listed for the best bargains!

C & L Supplies

Aisle 4  |  Booth #'s: 402 - 404
Get your phone and computer accessories here! Also, find tools and other misc items. Ask them about phone and computer repairs!

Aisle 7 | Booth #: 759

Booth preview! This vendor recently moved in, but we wanted to show you a sneak peak of their items! Here you can find large, furniture items, kitchenware, games, outdoor items, home décor, and more to come.

Our Little Shop

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 218 - 220
Crack an oyster and get a real pearl! Handmade authentic pearl jewelry also available in many colors. Also check out their other low-priced, odds and ends looking to be rehomed!

Richard's Toy Store

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 251 - 259

Get great deals on collectibles, action figures, new and gently used toys from brands like Fisher-Price, Star Wars, Batman, Hot Wheels, and more!

Aisle 3 - Booth # 304

Here you can find bargains on seasonal items, home décor items, collectibles, and other misc items!

Larry's Trains & Hobby Shop

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 742 - 746
Browse the many collectible train sets, model cars and airplanes, vintage and antique toys and collectibles, all in great condition!

The Greene Way

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M096 - M098
This eclectic booth is full of unique, handmade items! You can find paintings, mystical healing items, soap bars, fragrance sprays, antiques, jewelry, home décor, and more! Find them on Facebook @The Greene Way

Mali Arts

Aisle 3  |  Booth #'s: 316 - 318

Here you can shop a variety of colorful and textured pipes. Find them in a range of styles and sizes, that are all individually unique! Check them out on Instagram: maliarts765

Aisle 3 | Booth #'s: 320 - 322

Uncover unique treasures here such as seashells, geodes, crystals, jewelry, clothing, and other misc items!

Main Aisle | Booth #'s: M132 - M134

Here you can find Damascus steel hunting knives, tattoo supplies and ink, dreamcatchers, collectibles, and more!

Lisa's Pretzels

Main Aisle  |  Booth #: M092

Pick up some homemade, hand-dipped, specialty pretzels this weekend! Try some of their unique flavors like buckeye, creamsicle, blackberry cheesecake, plus a ton more! Check them out on Facebook @lisaspretzels

Game Time Sports Collect

Aisle 4  |  Booth #'s: 442 - 444
New and gently used sports cards and collectible items sold here! Also, find misc sports memorabilia, signage, merch, Funko Pops, and more!

Beedy's Bargains

Aisle 5  |  Booth #: 531

Make your house feel like a home! Find primitives, seasonal décor, and other rustic country home items such as baskets, candles, wreaths, kitchen towels, table runners, and much more. Check them out on Facebook @BeedysBargains

Aisle 3 | Booth #'s: 324 - 326

Add some positivity to your life! Shop here for healing crystals/stones, jewelry, incense sticks, tarot cards, and dreamcatchers.

Don's Cards

Aisle 1  |  Booth #'s: 136 - 138

Check out this booth for deals on collectors' cards! Find special editions, still-in-package, sports cards and memorabilia, Pokémon cards, and other misc items!

Connie's Place

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 534 - 536

Find a new sign perfect for the kitchen, living room or even display in your garage. Find wooden signs with unique sayings, metal barn signs, large dream catchers, and other misc. home décor items.

Pieces By Angie

Aisle 3  |  Booth #'s: 338 - 342

Valentine's Day is around the corner! Here you can find affordable, lead and nickel-free jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, or buy a set!

Digital Restore

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 214 - 216
Get your family and home videos converted from VHS, DVD, Cassette tapes, and more! Computer and DVD cleanings and repairs can be done here. Also, browse gently used vintage electronics, computer parts, keyboards, charging cables/cords, and much more!

Renee's Primitives

Main Aisle  |  Booth #: M103

It's never too early to start decorating for the holidays! Here you can find primitive country home and seasonal items, wooden porch signs, wall hangings, shelf décor, and more!

Jim's All New Product Shop

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 749 - 751

See what bargains you can get this weekend on toys, shoes, misc items, laundry detergent, lotions, and other personal care products!

JD's Treasure Shop

Aisle 4 | Booth #: 422

Treasure hunt through new and gently used toys and board games, unique vintage collectibles, Hot Wheels, and other misc items. Buy, Sell, and Trade! Connect with them on Facebook @jdstreasureshop

Chanchi's Closet

Aisle 3  |  Booth #'s: 345 - 353
Second-hand vintage treasures, listed at great prices! Find toys, collectibles, one-of-a-kind items, sports items, seasonal items, metal signs, plus more! Find them on Facebook @Chanchis Closet Antiques

Chrislyns Craftee Corner

Aisle 4  |  Booth #'s: 401 - 403

Quality craft supplies on a budget! Find yarn, knitting needles, ribbon/mesh rolls, paints/brushes/pallets/wooden shape cutouts to paint on, pre-made knitted items and wreaths plus more. Check out their website here: chrislynscrafteecorner.com

The Main Source

Main Aisle | Booth #'s: M050 - M053

Here you can shop from a variety of self-defense items, ammo, backpacks, camping gear, and more!

Mammaw's Closet

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 724 - 726

Browse a variety of hand-me-down children's clothing/toys, seasonal décor, handmade crafts, collectibles, incense sticks/burners, and more!

Main Aisle | Booth #'s: M052 - M054

Stop in to see the variety of new phone cases and accessories, speakers, blankets, shoes, fidget toys, and more!

Evolution Tactical

Aisle 5  |  Booth #: 537

Experience virtual shooting simulations and learn more about firearms training and safety (these also include lessons for kids and beginners). Private classes are also available. Find them on Facebook @EVOTAC & watch videos to learn more on Youtube @EVOLUTIONTACTICAL

All Pro Sports

Aisle 1  |  Booth #'s: 106 - 112

Find a selection of collectible baseball cards, bobbleheads, and other sports memorabilia. You can also find vintage video game systems and games, action figures, and even discounted DVDs, CDs, and VHS tapes!

Ragnar's Riches

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 514 - 516

Visit this booth for bargains on handmade jewelry and paracord bracelets, handmade wooden and acrylic runes, and other art pieces! See what other items are available on their Facebook page @RagnarsRiches

Main Aisle | Booth #'s: M085 - M087

Find popular items such as Pop Its (fidget toys), new and gently used shoes, blankets and hoodies with popular music artists and tv show characters. Also browse their handmade crafts and other misc items, perfect for gift giving!

Crafty Demons

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M105 - M107

Spooky season is year-round at this booth! Browse handmade and carved resin jewelry, coasters, tapestries, seasonal items, other unique art pieces, and more! See more products on their Facebook page @Crafty Demons


Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 533 - 535

Find something for the man cave here! Browse the variety of flags, wall-hanging signs, swords, knives, other self-defense and misc items.

Andrew's Stuff Store

Aisle 3  |  Booth #'s: 311 - 327
Rehome these new and gently used items! Here you can find seasonal items, toys, clothing, glassware, tools, and other misc items.

Main Aisle | Booth #'s: M076 - M080

Shop your way through this booth full of stocking stuffers and gifts for the whole family! Find gently used toys, board games, Hot Wheels, jewelry, baseball cards, sports jerseys, and other collectible items!

Land of Goshen

Aisle 7  |  Booth #: 718
All-natural, smell-good gifts for the whole family! You can find homemade, natural ingredient hand and facial soaps, bath bombs, healing lotion and oils, other wildcrafted herbal salves and raw honey, plus other misc items! See more on their Facebook page @ Landof Goshen

Linda's Doll House

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 543 - 545
New and gently used toys, in great condition. Find Barbie's, Fisher-Price, My Little Pony, Monster Jam, dollhouses, books and so much more, all sure to bring children true delight!

Kim's Custom Designs

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M100 - M106

See what unique designs are in this weekend! Find custom-designed t-shirts, stickers, decals, and more! Smoke shop items are also for sale.

Mimi’s Crafts & Collectibles

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 703 - 705

Give a handmade gift this holiday! Shop the variety of custom wooden décor and signs, wreaths, soy candles, wax melts, and other handmade items. See what new crafts they have ready for the holidays on their Facebook page! Facebook page @Mimi’s Crafts & Collectibles

B & D Collectibles

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 207 - 209
Thousands of collectible diecast cars line the walls of this booth! Find brands like Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, Monster Jam, Matchbox, and many more. Also find specialty editions and hard-to-find models!

Dave's Games & DVDs

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M038 - M042

Check out the great deals on new and gently used electronics, vintage games, video game systems and accessories, rare items, and collectibles. Also, shop a range of $1 DVDs with new additions every weekend!

Pieces by Angie

Aisle 3

Affordable, jewelry and accessories that are Nickle and Lead-free! Shop a variety of silver, gold, and colorful pieces. The range of styles are perfect to complete a professional outfit or get something that you can wear every day.

Dockside Deli

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M009 - M011

Stop by and try Walnut Creek's variety of fresh, high-quality deli meats, cheeses, jams/jellies, and packaged old-fashioned chocolates and candies. Don't forget to grab a refreshing bottled drink to enjoy on your walk through the market!

D & D Vintage

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 721 - 727

Find the perfect last-minute Father's Day gift here! This large booth is full of rustic and vintage items, farm tools and small equipment, collectibles, and other items you can't find anywhere else!

Dottie's Little Bit of Everything

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 201 - 208

Stroll through the mix of vintage and gently used merchandise! Find collectible Coke Brand products, seasonal items, glassware, clothing, tools, and other misc. items!

Frazenburg Scooters

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M028 - M029 & M030 - M031

Start your Christmas shopping this weekend! Find deals on new ATVs, Motorized Scooters, Bikes, accessories, and more in a range of colors, styles and sizes.

Deedi's Crafts

Aisle 5  |  Booth #'s: 540 - 542

Handmade custom items ready to find a new home! Find a variety of crocheted items, baby accessories, handmade holiday décor, and try some of their delicious homemade fudge and candies! Also taking special orders, that make perfect one-of-a-kind gifts! Find them on Facebook @DeediR1

Miller's Homemade Candies

Aisle 4  |  Booth #'s: 438 - 440

Amish goods sold here! Find homemade pies, bread, candies, maple syrup, and more. Also check out their selection of Tupperware, Tumblers, and other drink/food storage containers.


Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M093 - M095
Still looking for the perfect gift for Mom? Shop the beautiful flower arrangements, handmade duck clothes, kitchen towels, crocheted potholders, seasonal décor, and don't forget to browse the many Avon products!

Earth's Bounty Natural Soaps

Aisle 7  |  Booth #: 722

Made with locally sourced ingredients, these all-natural soaps, lotions, facials and more, are perfect for a self-care spa day or a gift for someone special!

Bev's Candles & Crafts

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M008 - M012 - M014

See what deals you can get on a variety of touch lamps, tart melts and burners, hand-poured candles, wind chimes, dreamcatchers, and more!

J & K Mercantile

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 222 - 230

Add a touch of vintage to your home! Browse the large variety of home décor, vintage and antique furniture, collectibles, and more.


Aisle 4  |  Booth #'s: 406 - 410

Find a little bit of everything here! Great deals on a range of gently used misc. items, including baby/dog gates, glassware, personal care items, and other odd and end items.

Shelley's Avon

Aisle 7  |  Booth #'s: 707 - 711

A little bit of everything, for everyone! Here you can find a variety of Avon products, Thirty-One brand name tote bags and purses in an array of styles, sizes and colors, collectible items, metal barn signs, tools, and more.

Aisle 1 | Booth #: 146

Pick up some new seasonal décor here! Find wooden porch signs, wall hangings, decorative floral arrangements, wreaths, crates, and more!

Anthony's Bath & Body Works

Main Aisle  |  Booth #: M006

Pamper yourself for less! Grab a few new lotions, shampoos, mini-spa sets, and even find other items such as DVDs, Hot Wheels, collectibles, and misc items!

Lynn's Novelty

Aisle 2  |  Booth #'s: 215 - 223
This variety booth is full of unique items such as rings, necklaces, and even ask about their custom writing on rice that is then placed inside a small glass piece, that magnifies the writing (hung on a necklace or cord)! They also offer Face Painting, and Hair Wrap services. Other new and used items can be found here.

Charging Charlies Hats & Pins

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M077 - M079

Pick up the perfect gift for the veteran in your life! Here you will find hundreds of pins and patches (Military/ Navy/ Airforce and other branches), American-made hats, handmade wooden plaques, flags, and much more.

The Shop

Aisle 1  |  Booth #'s: 150 - 152

Filled with rustic antiques, vintage items, collectibles, slab wood and more, these items would make a great addition to any barn collection or reimagine into something new.

Aisle 1 | Booth #'s: 135 -137

Find handmade custom jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. Also shop their large selection of tart burners, fragrance/healing oils, and glassware!

Jack & Jill's Wishing Well

Aisle 1  |  Booth #'s: 153 - 155

Find things here you never knew you needed! Browse pop culture items, cell phone accessories, small home and kitchen goods, stationery, other misc items, and more. Find new merchandise weekly!

Rick's Place

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M001 - M003
Collectibles and vintage items line the walls of this unique booth. Filled with vintage records, cameras, metal barn signs, and even Elvis collectibles and memorabilia, you are bound to find something special!

R & J Army/Navy

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M005 - M007

Open and ready for business! This vendor has been closed for a few months, but is now open and eager to see everyone and make some great bargains! Here you can find a large supply of Army/Navy gear, boots, holsters, pants, vests, and more!

The Shackk

Aisle 1  |  Booth #'s: 124 - 126

Get your smoking accessories here! This booth sells a variety of pipes in several styles and sizes, vapor supplies, knives/swords, and other novelty items.

Myrtle's Cubbyhole Collectibles

Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M047 - M049
A glassware collector's dream! Check out the variety of glassware, collectible porcelain figurines, teapots and cups, mugs, and even some home and kitchen décor items.

Grandma's Groceries

Aisle 1  |  Booth #'s: 113 - 123

Grocery shop on a budget! Be sure to check out this large booth full of discounted pantry and drink items, small home and kitchen gadgets, personal care and misc. goods, all at low costs!

Bonnie's Dress Shop

Aisle 7  |  Booth #: 717
Find that perfect dress for the perfect price! Here you can find discounted formalwear, dresses, accessories, candles, home décor, and more.


Main Aisle  |  Booth #'s: M127 - M133

Search through this rustic booth full of reclaimed antiques, collectibles, tools, hunting and fishing gear, fine jewelry, odds and ends, plus more!