A beekeeper. An herbalist. A mom. A small business owner.
A vendor at Caesar Creek Flea Market.

Meet Shula Woodworth – The Honeybee Nanny!

Shula began making products when she was looking for an acne and eczema treatment for her teenage daughter. They tried numerous medications and treatments, with little to no results.

Eventually Shula started making different soaps and lotions to help with the dry skin and eczema, hoping for some relief for her daughter. Once she found the right solution of crystalized energy and propolis – her business started and took off!

In April of 2018, Shula started going to small shows in Lucasville and selling out of products. After a few months she made the jump to get a booth with us!

In her shop at Caesar Creek Flea Market (Market 1), you immediately notice the cozy atmosphere and all of the different products neatly organized with descriptions of how they offer solutions to every day issues.

The Honeybee Nanny also offers beekeeping classes, bee boxes, you can even buy live bees from her! Visit her website here.