1. Brand Yourself

Getting people in the door is sometimes the hardest part of having a business. Your booth is YOUR business, so treat it like one!

Brand yourself – come up with a name for your business, get a sign for your booth, and have some business cards ready! (We always have pre-made business cards in our Office for vendors who aren’t ready to invest in business cards yet)

2. Get Online

Most of our customer base is already on Facebook, so why aren’t you? A Business Facebook page only takes a few minutes to set up and will give you everything you need to start advertising your business for free!

With Facebook you can also offer discounts, get customer referrals, and let more people know about your business.

3. Invite Customers In

Sometimes customers need a friendly face to feel welcome in your booth. Don’t be afraid to stand outside your booth and invite customers in, let them know about your products, and tell them about any deals you’re running!

Make sure your body language is inviting and not telling customers you would rather be doing something else.

4. Switch it up!

For the flea market’s returning customers, you might need to show them new products to get repeat sales. Move your inventory around – if you have a product that hasn’t been selling as well as you would like, move it to the front of your booth or add a sign for a discount to sell more of that product.

5. Accept More Payments

For years, people just knew that you needed cash for a flea market. But with everything going digital, most people don’t carry cash.

Make sure you can accept credit cards – get a free card reader for your phone/tablet through PayPal, or offer to accept payments through Venmo, Messenger, CashApp, or another money sending service.

And be open to reasonable offers – don’t lose a potential customer over $1 🙂